Pro Steamer

Professional Hay Steamer

The Happy Horse Professional system has been developed to meet the demand of big yards such as racing stables and riding schools where high volume steamed hay is required. The system can be tailored to meet each individuals needs and can have steam modules added to meet demand.

The unit consists of a high volume static mounted steam supply that is connected to a permanent power and water supply allowing continuos steaming for long periods if required. A wall mounted waterproof control panel allows you set and control the steaming process.

Each steaming chamber will hold 400 ltr of hay and has the Happy Horse steam matrix installed. With this type of high volume steam unit further chambers can be added to increase hay volume.

All systems come with safety features and instructions.

Each system is designed and priced on an individual basis and start from around £900.

If you would like to speak to us about the professional hay steamer systems then please use the link below and we will be delighted to contact you and discuss your requirements.