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The Initiative Way To Prepare Your Hay

This easy to use system is designed to do the same AND MORE as soaking hay without all the inconvenience of dustbins full of water and heavy wet hay nets to hang up. It is the ideal solution for horses with dust allergies and respiratory conditions…

There are an ever-increasing number of horses that require soaked hay all year round. This arduous job usually entails soaking nets of hay in gallons of UN-reusable water * and then struggling to hang them up. In winter this is an even less appealing task when you end up with cold hands and dripping wet clothing. Added to this is the possibility of exposing our horses to Bacteria, Fungal Spores and Dust Mites not killed by soaking plus the expense of supplementing the vital minerals leached out of the hay during the soaking process?

We have all been told, “if you steam your vegetables you retain all the “goodness””. We also know that steam is used by the Medical and Veterinary professions for sterilization, they do NOT simply wash their instruments in fresh cold water. The same principle also applies to steamed hay. When we soak our hay we lose much of the “goodness” that is required by the horse and throw it down the drain, simply applying fresh cold water does not kill Fungal Spores or Bacteria. The reason we soak the hay is not to remove the vital minerals but to attempt to minimize any damage caused to our horses by Dust, Dust Mites, Fungal Spores and Hobby SystemBacteria when eating.

The hay steamer has been designed to be easy to use and maintain. Each system comes complete and ready to use with a full set of operating instructions. The steam is introduced to penetrate the hay at approximately 100 degrees centigrade. Steaming at these temperatures most, fungal spores, bacteria and dust mites are killed off and all potentially airborne dust particles have been sufficiently dampened down and neutralized. The hay is then lush and ready for the horse to enjoy, complete with all its vital minerals.

NOTE: (* Waste water from hay nets is now classified as effluent by the water authorities and should not be discharged down drains).